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Lohil Industrial Services LTD, Our Actions and Products Speak Louder Than words.

Our Story, Our Products, Our Solutions

Lohil Industrial Services Ltd®, from the outset, embraced New Zealand's idyllic beauty which is admired and enjoyed by so many from all over the world as a permanent and tourist destination.

Founded in 2011 and family-owned, Lohil has a rich history of innovating products and solutions.

Lohil Industrial Services Ltd® continually supply only the best Products, Quality, solutions and technology available ensuring 100% customer satisfaction time after time.

We currently have more than 3000 different product lines and would therefore ask that you please contact us immediately if you can not find any items or chemicals on our website which you are looking for. (Industrial or Domestic)


Our main mission is to guarantee the safest and most environmentally friendly products possible.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Through our sustainable formulations, environmentally preferred packaging, and best business practices, we operate our business with a respect for its impact on the environment. (Please see Environmental Leverage NZ)

Our actions demonstrate our dedication to protecting our customers, employees, the communities in which we do business, and most importantly our planet. We align ourselves and our products with environmental standards and regulations. Because we also care about future generations, participates in sustainable development practices.

Lohil Industrial Services Ltd Supported by:

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Environmental Leverage USA  Experts in the field of Bioaugmentation / Online Training

Postal Address

P O BOX 217025

East Tamaki Office:    343 East Tamaki Road, East Tamaki

Main Administration: 31 B Jellicoe Avenue, Tuakau, Waikato

Office: 09 271 1525

Louis: 027 240 4195

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