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Blood and Other Body Substances Spills

CLEANING BLOOD, BODY SUBSTANCES AND OTHER POTENTIALLY INFECTIOUS MATERIAL SPILLSMany employers don’t think about the transmission of bloodborne diseases and the issue of cleaning blood and OPIM because they don’t work in Acute healthcare facilities. Risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens can happen in any type of facility. Special precautions are required when dealing with diseases that are transmitted through direct contact with infected blood or certain body fluids.DEFINITION OF BLOOD, O...

April 16, 2022


WHAT ARE BIO-ENZYMATIC CLEANERS?“BIO Enzymatic Cleaners” are natural, safe, good for the environment and use the gift of nature to produce extraordinary results and customer satisfaction.BIO Enzymatic Cleaners are formulated specifically to dispose of soils safely, economically and rapidly. They contain the necessary quality and quantity of specific enzyme systems and microbial nutrients. BIO Enzymatic Cleaners work quickly and efficiently to digest chemical and organic waste with no odor or...

April 16, 2022

How To Correctly Dispose of Disposable Gloves

JUNE 17, 2020 Disposable Gloves have played a crucial part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. 2019 Hand Protection Trends and how they will shape the next decade of Safety and Protection. DECEMBER 20, 2019 The rise of NitrileThe beginning of the twenty-tens saw the emergence of the premium glove material Nitrile. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Needle Stick Hazards NOVEMBER 30, 2019 Needles are hazardous, and unfortunately, they can be found almost everywhere. Just one prick from a ...

February 12, 2022



February 6, 2022

Apex Safety Footwear Leather Secret

Our leather The Apex secret We insist on top quality leathers for Apex Footwear. That's the secret to long lasting, comfortable footwear. We are constantly offered cheaper leathers - but they just don't hack it in NZ. We know it costs a bit extra to have better leather - but we reckon you'll get a longer life out of your boots.Premium Full Grain Leather A full grain leather that quickly adapts to the shape of your foot giving you comfort straight out of the box. It is strong, water resistant and...

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