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For the effective control of Fat, Oil & Grease

MicroBlockTM is a unique slow release biological block used to break
down fat, oil, grease and other organic waste in lift stations, wet
wells, grease traps and similar applications.
Fats, oils and grease cause sludge build up and the overgrowth of
unhealthy bacteria and mould. This overgrowth not only can lead to
disease in humans and animals, attracting further vectors of disease
such as flies gnats and drain worms, but is the root cause of bad
odours.With its high concentration of naturally occurring good
bacteria, our environmentally friendly MicroBlockTM rebalances the
treated area, eliminating these odours, germs and vermin at the
MicroBlockTM is simply suspended below the fluid line and slowly
dissolves over 30 - 90 days, providing continuous treatment of
organic waste and keeping your equipment clean and malodour
MicroBlockTM is a more efficient alternative to harsh and often
expensive chemicals which destroy healthy bacterial ecosystems
and are not safe for use in off-grid applications like septic tanks.

• Lift Stations/Drain Lines
• Sump Pits
• Sludge Tanks
• Laterals
•Aerations SBR’s
•Trickling Filters
•Wet Wells
• Digesters
• Sewer Mains
•Grease Traps
• Lagoons

Product Benefits
• Easy to use
• Cost effective
• 24-hour treatment of waste
• Reduces labor time for dosage maintenance
• Reduces hydrogen sulfide & sludge buildup
• Significantly reduces malodors
• Reduces pump-outs & dredging
• Breaks down fat & grease buildup (FOG)
• Eliminates metering pump
•Automates septic and grease trap maintenance program

Effective Against
•Fats, Oils & Grease
•Animal Fat
•Foaming Surfactants
•Reduces BOD
MicroBlockTM gives round the clock waste degradation
treatment with a simple, easy to use system.
Simply suspend the MicroBlockTM into the treatment
area, hanging the MicroBlockTM halfway into the lift
station liquid, wet well, grease trap or pre-treatment

Typical Properties of Product
Appearance Medium green
Fragrance Mild-earthy
Form Block
pH 7.8-8.5
Shelf-Life 2 Years / u.o.c.
Flash Point none

Performance Properties
Effective pH range 5.2 - 9.5
Effective Temperature Range 4.4 – 48.8°C

Storage & Handling
• Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Do Not Freeze Container
• Keep box closed & blocks in plastic bag
• Seal end of bag to keep blocks away from air flow.
• Handling: Wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water
Bacterial Count
MicroBlockTM : 4 Billion CFU’s per gram
Block Contents : 4 Strains of Bacillus & Nutrient Package


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