CODA 365
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The first and only plant-based formulation approved to kill the Coronavirus: COVID-19

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"They have also helped us reduce the amount of chemicals previously used, replacing them with safer, biodegradable products. The results have been reduced costs, and improvement on our bottom line."~ Mark Ryan CBD Waste Management

"Not only is non-toxic and pH neutral, it has passed all the necessary testing for this product to be used in childcare centers and even hospitals and it comes with the required material safety data sheet."~ Sarah The Hills Preschool

...we then started using it on our industrial sites, it quickly became apparent that this product would give outstanding results... look no further than Atmosphere Global to supply you with a solution."~ Dianne Knight Total Industrial Solutions Limited

"Trying to find products that are multipurpose and actually work effectively are very rare... I do not hesitate to recommend this new ATMOSPHERE product to anyone in any industry, the potential applications and capabilities is nearly endless."~ Matthew West Enviro Pacific

"Great products, they work well, and the clients i sell too also love it. And to date, I have not lost one customer... 100% biodegradable but meet all the cleaning, financial and governmental standards myself and my clients need to own and run successful businesses."~ Daniel Jungfleisch Ultraketo

"...within days of the change over to our formulation, the complaints ceased and the two products continue to be used every day on this site by a very satisfied customer. I have no hesitation in recommending the Atmosphere Formulation"~ Lionel Freedman Zychem Technologies

I would like to thank you for introducing Bestlan to the “CODA 365”. We have been using it to replace our chlorine-based fruit washing process and have seen equal to better results back from the lab tests regarding heavy metal still present after washing them. The added benefit of using this product over chlorine based products is that is is non corrosive so we are not repairing plant and equipment due to corrosion
We have also been using the product to clean our cool rooms. In the past, we had to clean them down every 6 weeks. This has now been extended out to 3 months between deep cleans with no signs of mould growth.
In the last month we have also started to use the product in a fogger, this is placed inside the cooling units to keep the coils clean and to keep them running as efficient as possible.


Adam Ragatz
Plant Manager
Bestlan Group



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