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CONVOY MonstaWash Truck Wash


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How To Wash A Vehicle With MonstaWash

how to wash a vehicle with monstawash

How to Wash a vehicle? Convoy
MonstaWash is an easy-to-use super-concentrated commercial vehicle cleaning agent. MonstaWash is biodegradable and leaves vehicles brilliantly clean with a showroom shine. Watch the product demo video

Directions Concentrate

Dilute 1:9 – For a 2L pack, add 2L of concentrate to 18L of clean cold water to make 20L of concentrated cleaner. For a 20L pack, add 20L of concentrate to 180L of clean cold water to make 200L of concentrated cleaner.

How to Wash a Vehicle

Application – Further dilute the solution 1:40 for manual cleaning with a bucket and brush, or through a waterblaster or other automatic dilution unit. Ensure vehicle is rinsed thoroughly to finish. For a showroom shine, dry surfaces with a clean dry microfiber cloth or chamois. Avoid washing in direct sunlight.

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