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KOMODO Oil Resistant Mechanical Gloves

Komodo Mechanical Gloves


Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

KOMODO® Man’s trustworthy Mechanic’s Glove.

KOMODO® Man is back with his new general purpose oil resistant glove specially engineered for mechanics.
KOMODO® Man understands the harsh elements of auto repair, he knows you are constantly dealing with grease, oil and fuel AND he knows you still require a strong dexterous grip, from threading bolts to changing brake pads.
KOMODO® Man’s Mechanic Glove is tailored to ALL the tasks a mechanic does everyday. KOMODO® Man’s Mechanic’s Glove is an honest all-day glove that will see you through the gears and most importantly KOMODO® Man Mechanics glove helps you get the job done, while protecting the longevity of your most valuable tool, your hands. 


Automotive - Paint/Panel, Mechanical Workshops, Detailing, Engine & Transmissions, Diesel Mechanics, Tyre Fitting
Aviation and Defence
Oils, Lubricants, Fuel Handling, Hydraulic Repairs & Maintenance
Commercial / Domestic cleaning and hygiene
General Purpose Material Handling
DIY and Home Maintenance
Gardening, Agriculture


Oil, Fuel and Grease Resistant
Textured Sandy Grip perfect for use on Wet or Greasy Surfaces
Chemically Resistant Nitrile Coating
Fingertip Sensitivity
Luxury fabrics, Breathable comfort and easy flexible hand movement
Hand moves with the glove, no "hand slip"
Double dipped, unaffected by oil, fuel and even battery acid
Moderate heat protection
Perfect for all-day wear
Extended cuff
Washable and re-usable
Colour:  Black/Grey

SKU: Mechanics

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