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KOMODO Vigilant Cut 5

Komodo Mechanical Gloves


KOMODO® Man’s Safety Gloves represent everything KOMODO® Man stands for.

Our KOMODO® Man’s Safety Gloves are the standard tough, strong and durable work safety glove. 
KOMODO® Man’s Cut 5 Safety Gloves offer serious cut safety protection. Made for those who need a glove built for maximum durability and safety in the harshest of abrasive, cut, tear and puncture environments.
KOMODO® Man’s Cut 5 Safety Glove is his strongest heavy-duty safety glove that features a thick double dipped chemically resistant nitrile coating for maximum KOMODO® Man strength.
KOMODO® Man’s Safety Glove Cut 5 also features a unique non-slip sandy grip.
KOMODO® Man’s Cut 5 Safety Glove is his most affordable Cut 5 glove which is fit for handling glass, industrial metals, serious construction and much more!


Suitable for various industries:
Automotive - Paint/Panel, Mechanical Workshops, Detailing, Engine & Transmissions, Diesel Mechanics, Tyre Fitting
Aviation and Defence
Commercial / Domestic cleaning and hygiene
Material Handling, Steel and Metal Manufacturing, Construction and Painting, Glass
DIY and Home Maintenance
Bio-Security, Laboratories
Gardening, Agriculture, Farming


Textured Sandy Grip perfect for wet or greasy surfaces
Serious Cut 5 safety
Fly knife cut protection
Hand moves with the glove, no "hand slip"
Washable and re-usable
Moderate heat protection
Chemically resistant nitrile coating
Colour:  Black/Red

SKU: 10015

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