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Chloronite® Lightweight Chemical Resistant 12 Per Pack

The Glove Company


Chloronite® is the new lightweight chemical handling glove that is exceeding industry standards. The Glove Company’s Chloronite chemical resistant gloves have been awarded a rare 11 letter rating under the EN 374, AS/NZS 2161.10.1 2005 standard.

Lightweight and High Dexterity

New level of Chemical Protection

New proven Twin Material Blend delivering chemical protection and ease of wear

Comfortable, accelerator free nitrile lining

300mm Length (12″)

Textured fingers



Independent third-party tested with an 11 letter chemical rating

Ideal for use with damaging solvents, volatile fuels, oils, corrosive acids, burning alkali and hazardous chemicals.

NSN (Nato) Codification

Color:  Red

Sold in packs of 12

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EN374 Chemical Pictogram, Table and Safe UsageEN374EN374 Chemicals

Letter Chemical 
A - Methanol
B - Acetone
C - Acetonitrile
D - ichloromethane
E - Carbon Disulfide
F - Toluene
G - Diethylamine
H - Tetrahydrofurane
I  - Ethyl Acetate
J - n-Heptane
K - Sodium Hydroxide 40%
L - Sulphuric Acid 96%
If the pictogram shows the corresponding letter below the shield symbol that means the chemical has passed the test and that glove will protect you from that chemical hazard. A glove must not have a permeation breakthrough when immersed for a minimum of 30 minutes in one of the 12 chemical (shown above) to be awarded the adjacent letter.
*Permeation is defined as the process of a chemicals at a molecular level, passing through the gloves material. Some common chemicals such as; Unleaded Petrol, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Xylene and Skydrol are not recognized by this standard. If you are using these chemicals, simply request a chemical data sheet from the manufacturer. It is important that you use the correct glove for the correct application.
Usage: If you are submerging a glove in any chemical or frequently exposing a glove to any chemical you must be sure the glove or glove’s packaging shows the EN374 pictogram symbol with the suitable letter(s) that correspond with the chemical(s) you intend on protecting your hands from.

EN374-2 Micro-Organisms Protection and Pictogram
The Micro-Organism pictogram is shown when the glove conforms to at least a performance of 60 mins (level 2) for the Penetration* test.
 *Penetration is defined as chemicals and micro-organisms flowing through the porous material, seams, small holes and/or other small defects in the gloves material.

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