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The ideal glove for Construction, Forestry, Logging, Lumber, Farming, Landscaping, Concreting, Brick-Laying and Heavy Lifting. Genuine Leather Work Gloves, designed to protect the wearers knuckle’s and to absorb shock on the palm. KOMODO POWER Gloves are functional, multi use, and washable so one pair of KOMODO POWER allows you to safely do a range of tasks.

Knuckle and back of hand impact protection

Shock absorbing palm padding

Super soft and cushioning on blister prone areas

Physically appealing deep tan brown leather with high quality double stitching

Reputable KOMODO® Brand

Strengthened abrasion resistant thumb and forefinger padding

Colour: Tan Brown/Black

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How do I find my glove size?

This guide will show you how to easily measure hands for each different type of glove. Having the correctly sized glove can have extraordinary benefits, enabling the glove to function as it was designed.

Glove technology that needs correctly fitted gloves:

Touch Screen Technology – This has advanced fabrics on the thumb and index finger tips. You’re skin must be pressing against the fabric to conduct correctly.

Anti Glove-Hand Movement – Correctly sized gloves move precisely in sync with your wrists, hands and fingers. And do not twist, bunch up, ride up or slip.

Ergonomic Comfort – During forceful work a too tight of a glove creates a painful experience as the gloves wedges and pushes in-between the fingers' loose of a glove creates a bunching and rubbing irritation on the skin where the fingers, hand and wrist bend.

Compressible Nitrile Coatings – The best grip comes with fine textures and nitrile rubbers that compress, giving you the advantage of extra strength and grip. The correctly sized glove will avoid bunching and movement of glove and you will be able to compress the gloves palm as a second skin.

Fingertip Dexterity – Making sure your fingers reach and fill the end of the gloves comfortably means that you can grab with your finger tips without any hassle.

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