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IceKing Chiller Glove


Code: IKCG
Unit: Pair
Pack Qty: 12
Carton Qty: 60
Size: M, L, XL, 2XL
Coating: Foam Nitrile
EN 388:2016: 2131X
EN 407: X2XXXX
EN 511: X1X
Product Details
The new thermal and waterproof glove from Ice king. Utilizing the latest loop pile acrylic for superior thermal
insulation and palm coated in a layer of latex for superior grip in wet and dry conditions. The latex palm coat
provides protection from liquids (oil and water) offering superior grip and abrasion performance. Ice king Chiller
can operate in temperatures as low as -0°C to -20°C so ideal in chiller and cool store environments and is also
contact heat rated to 250°C for 15 seconds (EN407 Level 2).
Features and Benefits
Tight knitted nylon seamless shell for windproof & lint free
Napped loop pile acrylic for thermal isolation
Latex palm dip for water and oil resistance
Extremely strong abrasion performance
Keeps hands warm in sub-zero temperatures (-0°C to -20°C)
Contact heat rated to 250°C for 15 seconds
Application: Cold stores, Warehousing , Mechanical, Automotive, Cold Weather, Construction, Refineries,
Machine Assembly, Handling Oily Objects.

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SKU: 10000-36

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