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Nexus Helmet Eyeshield


Unique design integrated eyewear
Easy to install or replace
Conveniently flips up or down in service
Available in clear or smoke lens for all light levels
Approved to: Clear: EN166 1 F T, EN172 2C-1,2, ANSI /ISEA Z87.1, Smoke: EN 166 1 F T, EN172 5-3,1, ANSI /ISEA Z87.1
Available in Clear: S589, Smoke: S589SE

ANSI Z87.1
ANSI Z87.1

Establishes the criteria for using, testing, marking, choosing, and maintaining eye protection to prevent or minimize injuries from eye hazards.

EN 166
EN 166

EN 166 Personal Eye Protection Standard is the core technical industrial safety norm in Europe for eye protection. Lens markings: 1, 2, 3—indicates the quality of the ocular (class 1 is the best); Frame marking, strength of the frame and lens: F—withstands impacts against small objects travelling up to 45 meters per second; B—up to 120 meters per second; A—up to 190 meters per second; T—withstands impacts at extreme temperatures (a frame can have a combination of these markings)

EN 172
EN 172

This standard specifies the requirements for sun glare filters used in personal eye-protectors for industrial use.

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SKU: S589

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