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A premium quality, loop handled brushcutter The MX22E is a premium quality brushcutter for the entry-level domestic or commercial user to clear unruly foliage. It is powered by Maruyama's class-leading, high torque commercial-grade AE/NC series engine. The 22.5 cc 2-stroke engine has a maximum output of 0.77 kW/1.03 H.P. Maruyama are a quality Japanese brand you can rely on The 4-bearing supported gear case is designed to produce very low vibrations by absorbing high shock loads. The dual ball bearings that support the solid steel drive shaft also considerably reduces any vibrations felt by the user. A rugged die cast aluminium housing is far superior to plastic used on many other machines, and is bolted rather than screwed to the engine. This allows for greater strength and durability. A fast and easy start is achieved thanks to the easy recoil starts, incorporating the best features of an electric start. Weighing in at an exceptionally low 4.2 kg, the MX22E offers a superb power to weight ratio and allows you to work for longer comfortably. A shoulder strap is included to enhance easy use. The ergonomic 'D' loop handle is adjustable to allow for excellent comfort and precise control. Tap 'n' go line head is included Releasing more line is simple with the tap 'n' go head, simply tap the head on the ground - as the name suggests! It is also blade ready, and comes with the tap 'n' go head. Protection is ensured thanks to the striking red guard.


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