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​The Effects of our Remediator Products

“... I would highly recommend Enzymatic / Enzyme PRO to anyone who has a pet they allow inside their house. My elderly dog found it difficult to walk and spent most of her last year lying on her bed inside. The resultant odour was very unpleasant and no matter how often her bedding was washed, the doggy smell kept returning quickly. Spraying with Enzymatic removed the offensive odour immediately. It meant our dog could stay inside, be close to us in her final months and we could still all happily live in the same environment without any embarrassing odours…”

No more urine and other ugly smells in the back yard where we have artificial grass.

Wendy, Melbourne

Farm Longdrop Solution

From: Lance And Sarah Walker []
Sent: Wednesday, 2 May 2020 3:01 PM
Subject: Enzyme feedback
Hi Louis
We are very impressed with the enzyme product and use it in our long drop.  It takes a day or two for any unpleasant odor to be completely eliminated so we mix and pop it down the hole as soon as we start to notice any odor.  Also, we noticed the flies disappeared once we started using the product.
We have had many visitors to our property who have expressed their surprise and delight in using such a pleasant toilet.  As you know, we are living in a tent till we build our house so our visitors have no  choice!  
Our horses will be arriving in June and we will be using the enzyme on the manure in the field.  We will let you know how this goes.  We anticipate that the enzyme will remove the need to scoop up the poop and will keep flies to a minimum.  We will be sharing the results with other horse owners and will get them to try the product themselves.
Warm regards, Lance and Sarah Walker, Sherenden, Hawkes Bay

From: Johan van der Merwe


Subject: Enzyme Pro

We recently refurbished our house which included painting, cleaning new tiles and old grout as well as fabric furniture. The painters used a thin Polyethylene film along the edges of the tiles and which left a sticky glue when removed. The glue is supposed to be removed with Turpentine – no way, the markings stay and the floor becomes slippery as it does with paint remover, bleaches and Tile Cleaners depending on how long you want to scrub and rub! Enzyme Pro sprayed on and left overnight rubbed off with a micro fibre cloth the next morning resulted in clean, non-slip, shiny tiles. The same proses was used on laminated floors with stunning results.

Enzyme Pro cleared stains of fabric lounge furniture that upholstery and fabric restorers could not remove. The best part is you don’t feel like you just inhaled some toxic chemical or the skin will come of your fingers, instead you work with a nice clean, soft and pleasant smell.

Johan van der Merwe, Auckland  

Warmest Regards

Johan van der Merwe

Johan van der Merwe | Invesure Productions | Studio +64 9 273 4611 | Cell +64 21 944 706 |                                                                                                            

Blasterhire Ltd

Dear Louis,

Blasterhire used your detergent on a recent building wash , and without a doubt the detergents we purchased from Lohil Industrial Services Ltd was absolutely fantastic.
Blasterhire prides itself on offering our clients the most environmentally friendly solution with the best cleaning results, and Lohil Industrial did just that.
I would absolutely recommend the detergents supplied by Lohil industries for house and building washing.

Ruvaun Daniels


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