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​The Effects of our Remediator Products

“... I would highly recommend Enzymatic / Enzyme PRO to anyone who has a pet they allow inside their house. My elderly dog found it difficult to walk and spent most of her last year lying on her bed inside. The resultant odour was very unpleasant and no matter how often her bedding was washed, the doggy smell kept returning quickly. Spraying with Enzymatic removed the offensive odour immediately. It meant our dog could stay inside, be close to us in her final months and we could still all happily live in the same environment without any embarrassing odours…”

Wendy, Melbourne

Farm Longdrop Solution

From: Lance And Sarah Walker []
Sent: Wednesday, 2 May 2018 3:01 PM
Subject: Enzyme feedback
Hi Louis
We are very impressed with the enzyme product and use it in our long drop.  It takes a day or two for any unpleasant odor to be completely eliminated so we mix and pop it down the hole as soon as we start to notice any odor.  Also, we noticed the flies disappeared once we started using the product.
We have had many visitors to our property who have expressed their surprise and delight in using such a pleasant toilet.  As you know, we are living in a tent till we build our house so our visitors have no  choice!  
Our horses will be arriving in June and we will be using the enzyme on the manure in the field.  We will let you know how this goes.  We anticipate that the enzyme will remove the need to scoop up the poop and will keep flies to a minimum.  We will be sharing the results with other horse owners and will get them to try the product themselves.
Warm regards, Lance and Sarah Walker, Sherenden, Hawkes Bay

From: Johan van der Merwe


Subject: Enzyme Pro

We recently refurbished our house which included painting, cleaning new tiles and old grout as well as fabric furniture. The painters used a thin Polyethylene film along the edges of the tiles and which left a sticky glue when removed. The glue is supposed to be removed with Turpentine – no way, the markings stay and the floor becomes slippery as it does with paint remover, bleaches and Tile Cleaners depending on how long you want to scrub and rub! Enzyme Pro sprayed on and left overnight rubbed off with a micro fibre cloth the next morning resulted in clean, non-slip, shiny tiles. The same proses was used on laminated floors with stunning results.

Enzyme Pro cleared stains of fabric lounge furniture that upholstery and fabric restorers could not remove. The best part is you don’t feel like you just inhaled some toxic chemical or the skin will come of your fingers, instead you work with a nice clean, soft and pleasant smell.

Johan van der Merwe, Auckland  

Warmest Regards

Johan van der Merwe

Johan van der Merwe | Invesure Productions | Studio +64 9 273 4611 | Cell +64 21 944 706 |                                                                                                            

Blasterhire Ltd

Dear Louis,

Blasterhire used your detergent on a recent building wash , and without a doubt the detergents we purchased from Lohil Industrial Services Ltd was absolutely fantastic.
Blasterhire prides itself on offering our clients the most environmentally friendly solution with the best cleaning results, and Lohil Industrial did just that.
I would absolutely recommend the detergents supplied by Lohil industries for house and building washing.

Ruvaun Daniels


CODA 365 Atmosphere Testimonials

Its been just over a year now that I have been distributing and using the
Atmosphere product range. My business is based in Melbourne and we sell the
Atmosphere range of products to a variety of different businesses.
Atmosphere's products; All Purpose, Forte Blue, Orange and Odour Control are
not only safe and 100% biodegradable but meet all the cleaning, financial and
governmental standards myself and my clients need to own and run successful
Our clients range from gyms, butchers, commercial cleaning companies and
some early learning center's. And more recently in my Floor cleaning and
restoration side of my business. My staff and I have been using the All Purpose
as an anti microbial in flood damage jobs, carpet cleaning as a anti microbial
and odour neutralizing solution and in some application of upholstery and carpet
steam cleaning.
Great products, they work well, and the clients i sell too also love it. And to date,
i have not lost one customer.
Successful before and after images of these products being used can be found
on our website.
Daniel Jungfleisch
Managing Director
IICRC Technician: Carpet care, Hard surface floor care, Water damage
restoration, Upholstery & fabric JenaDyco: Advanced stain removal
Ultraketo - Floor Cleaning & Restoration is an IICRC certified firm, which
means we are among the top tier companies in our industry. This insures you
are provided with the best quality and service that meets and exceeds
international standards within the cleaning & restoration industry.
M: 0405 187 007
S: Facebook Linkedin Youtube

The Hills Pre School

To Whom it may concern,
We have been in the early childhood industry collectively for over 35 years.
For most of this time we used harsh chemicals for our cleaning routines. When
changes were enforced in the industry for child care centres to use non-toxic
and pH neutral products it became a challenge to find products that felt like
they were making the centre environmentally hygienic and clean.
We came across the wonder product Atmosphere, which is your one stop
shop of magic in a bottle. This product is amazing and we highly recommend it
for all childcare centres. Not only is non-toxic and pH neutral, it has passed all
the necessary testing for this product to be used in childcare centres and even
hospitals and it comes with the required material safety data sheet (MSDS).
We use Atmosphere on the children's tables, benches, chairs, floors,
bathrooms and to even clean our windows, just using this one product. Using
Atmosphere alleviates you having to store numerous different products for
different uses and filing numerous safety data sheets (MSDS). Atmosphere
removes the most stubborn of stains such as edicol dye and with a pleasant
mild lemon fragrance makes our centre smell fresh and clean. If you want a
sparkling clean and hygienic centre that smells amazing, Atmosphere is what
you need.
We not only recommend Atmosphere to other child care centres but to anyone
looking for an effective, safe, cost effective alternative to their general cleaning
and sanitizing needs and we would be happy to answer any questions about
its use in our child care centres.
Sarah: Director, Dani: Early Childhood Teacher,
The Hills Pre School
49 Seven Hills Road
Baulkham Hills,


I have been asked to write this testimony for Atmosphere Global regarding the products we utilize within our organization.
I was first introduced to Atmosphere Forte Pro over 12 months ago, we then started using it on our
industrial sites, it quickly became apparent that this product would give outstanding results.
We introduced this MPI approved product to Miraka Dairy Factory as a one stop cleaning product this
resulted in zero bacteria readings and far surpassed our expectations.
Atmosphere Global then introduced an ‘All Purpose’ product that we now solely use on our customer
sites. These sites include Contact Energy, Laminex Group, Tenon Manufacturing, Local Authorities and Miraka Dairy for Life.
It is without hesitation I highly recommend to any company looking for a 100% Biodegradable product
that ‘out shines’ all the others, minimizes the need for multi containers and streamlines your cleaning and
sanitation process then you need look no further than Atmosphere Global to supply you with a solution.

Yours sincerely
Dianne Knight
Business Manager

                                                 PIPESTONE VETENARY SERVICES

Pipestone is North America’s most respected veterinary service providers, with
over 400 years of experience in companion animal, swine, beef, dairy, sheep
and goats.
Led by head Veterinarian Dr Scott Dee, Pipestone undertook strict comparison
testing of Atmosphere against leading disinfectants in the animal and pet
industry. Results passed all expectations, not only did Atmosphere achieve
similar and in some circumstances better disinfecting qualities than commonly
used harsh and toxic products, but proved that a safe one step heavy duty
cleaner, disinfectant and odour control product is possible with the right
Dr. Scott Dee has even said that he in all his 14 years of trailing new disinfectant
products, he has never found something as equal or better than synergize or
other leading disinfectants.
Atmosphere is now the preferred supplier to Pipestone, and their lead product
to an extensive portfolio that includes some of the biggest and respected
animal and pet companies in North America.
Atmosphere stands up against other products for the following reasons:
• Safe on employees & equipment
• Reduces cleaning time & turnaround
• Reduces wear & tear on PPE
• Improves company OH&S standards
• Replaces multiple chemicals
• Safer than most harsh & toxic chemicals
• Sensitivity skin test has proven low irritation
• Low irritation on eyes
• Cleans, disinfects, and reduces odours all in one step
• No chlorine, bleach, acid, or Glutaraldehyde
• Lower active ingredient than other disinfectants
Pipestone users and customers of Atmosphere have said:
• No skin irritation
• Less eye irritation
• Easy to use
• Easily moves organic load off
• Not harsh to breathe in

CBD Waste Management Pty Ltd
1300 100 CBD
Po Box 669, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
15 August 2015
To whom it may concern,
CBD Waste is Sydney's fastest growing waste management company, we have set a personal standard for cleanliness and sanitation throughout all areas of operation.
Atmosphere products have helped us to reach and maintain those standards, from a truck wash and degreaser, to odour control and general maintenance.
They have also helped us reduce the amount of chemicals previously used, replacing them with safer, biodegradable products. The results have been reduced costs, and improvement on our bottom line.
Atmosphere Global is an integral part of our Green Initiative Program (GIP)
We recommend Atmosphere Global to any industry, and will be happy to answer any questions on the effectiveness and uses within our business.
Mark Ryan
Managing Director
0459 999 166

To whom it may concern, With 35 years combined experience in developing, manufacturing and selling high-grade chemicals to large spectrum of industries, the co-founders of ATMOSPHERE ALL AREAS product have purposely designed, engineered and manufactured their product to encapsulate many of the proven and effective attributes of past champion chemical products.
Being a Project Manager for EnviroPacific Services (, we specialise in the remediation of highly contaminated sites across many different sectors and have built a reputation of continued excellence and professionalism. Our diligence and hard work has allowed us to currently be Australia's number one remediation company.
During my 6 years with EnviroPacific and the because of the nature of our work, it is normal for us to purchase numerous different products for each site to ensure all identified contaminants are controlled appropriately (eg: odour suppression, desludging of UST's/AST's, sanitizer, bathroom cleaner etc). Trying to find products that are multipurpose and actually work effectively are very rare.
We have had the opportunity to purchase, trial and and utilise the new ATMOSPHERE product at numerous sites particularly where we are treating heavy concentrations of hydrocarbons and coal-tar. Primarily the product has been used as a Odour Suppressant and the results have been nothing short of excellent, the chemical engineering that allows real-life encapsulation of hydrocarbons and then changes the encapsulated material to salt is very advantageous to how we treat contaminated material.
The ATMOSPHERE product is world-class and has already established a reputation to be proud of in the mining, food processing, commercial cleaning, transportation and waste management industries.
I do not hesitate to recommend this new ATMOSPHERE product to anyone in any industry, the potential applications and capabilities is nearly endless.
Matthew West
Project Manager > EnviroPacific
Wed, 9th July 2014


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